Shake Rattle and Roll

by Tim Charron

Released 2018
Gypsy Life Records
Released 2018
Gypsy Life Records
"Shake Rattle and Roll" brings Charron's brand of "Country Rock with a Twist of Lime" to a whole new level. The new Tim Charron record includes #1 hit songwriters and Grammy winning producers. Rockin & rollin beach country music.
• Tim Charron’s “Shake, Rattle & Roll” is a rip roaring Country Rock record with “A Twist of Lime”.
Live Tim’s gypsy life-style through his music. Experience far away sunny tropical beaches, Nashville nightlife, love in English or Spanish and rockin’ summer parties.

“Summer Life” and “A Beach Ain’t One” are both catchy country pop sing along songs. “A Beach Ain’t One” was co-written by multiple #1 hit songwriter Marty Dodson (Billy Currington, Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood).

“Mi Cielo Azul” (My Blue Sky) is the one Spanish song on the album which Tim co-wrote with his friend, multiple Latin Grammy award winner, Kike Santander. Tim’s vocals on this song exude his love and passion for the Latin culture.

“McConaughey” reflects Tim’s desire to live life similar to Matthew McConaughey (which he already does) with catchy, humor filled lyrics and a chorus that sticks on repeat in your head.

Things get steamy with the title track, “Shake, Rattle and Roll”.

“Hotter than A Pistol” is a night on the town with a pretty girl in Nash-Vegas.

“Rainy Days” makes you want to hide under the sheets with someone special while it thunders and rains.

“Raise the Roof” is a stadium country rock anthem. “Fly” makes you wish you had wings and live your dreams.
• Rockin & Rollin Island Country crossover ear-candy !